"Thank you for the feedback and thanks for the really quick turn-around on this! I need to turn in my PDUs by mid-April  and this helps tremendously. I am impressed with the professionalism of your website and variety of courses available. I do plan to use The Teacher's Academy again for my next round of PDU requirements."  -Colleen H.

"You offer terrific courses. The materials are clear and the content is interesting. Most importantly, the completed assignments are reviewed quickly and the certificates or hours are sent in a very timely fashion." - Anne R.

"I really appreciate the lesson on adding references to a report AND mail merging a document. I am a veteran Word user, but still learned some new skills." Andrea G.

"Scene and monologue writing were great projects. This is a great activity for students to engage in higher level thinking and it forces them to research content in a fun, creative way." - Angela S.

"I appreciate learning about the Intelligence Organizer. It made me think more deeply about how I teach my lessons." - Jen F. 

"I never knew my state's law on cyber bullying. It's crazy to think that as educators we are not required to know it. Glad I do now. Thanks!" Darlene M.

"I will definitely use the grade sheet activity in my classroom." - Catherine E.

"Learning Triggers in PowerPoint would have been difficult to figure out on my own. I'm very glad I took this course and look forward to sharing what I have learned with my students." - Catherine E.

"For the money this course cost me, it was a great value and it taught me some skills that I had no idea how to do." - Kimberly S. 

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"I feel more comfortable about using technology in my classroom after taking this course." -Kristina M.

"I thought the Story Maker activity was a very interesting and creative way to get students to connect to words and introduce a new topic." - Darlene M.

"I liked how you taught using formulas in the spreadsheets. This can be used both in my teaching and in my personal life." -Kristina M.

"I will take more courses through The Teacher's Academy in the future." -100% of our customers

"I believe the skills taught in this course will help improve student learning." -100% of our customers

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"We are a small private school and need professional development hours for our teachers. A Teacher's Academy professional trainer came to our school, provided our staff with the coursework and led us through the activities so that all of our teachers could acquire their CEUs together. It was a great solution." -William M. 

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"I totally enjoyed every one of the courses I've taken from The Teacher's Academy. It was a painless way to learn things about the computer that would have been difficult to put into my schedule otherwise." -Judy C.