About Us

The Teacher's Academy

Our Mission: 

To provide a professional development experience for certified teachers that is educational, convenient, relevant, affordable and ultimately, improves student learning. 

The Teacher's Academy is comprised of teachers with the sole intention of serving, assisting and sharing with their peers. We are an approved provider for professional development hours in several states, including our home state, Pennsylvania! We offer certified educators a variety of courses to quickly and affordably satisfy their professional development requirements as put forth in the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Each course was written by an active certified school teacher. The skills taught by the courses are designed to help you develop professionally and will be integrated into the classroom for improved student achievement. Online courses are intended to maximize the quality of your time spent working on professional development at a price that rivals the local college courses. New courses are being written and updated constantly so please, keep checking back!

School districts and state law requires school teachers to maintain a level of professional development. These requirements can be satisfied in many ways, such as: In-services, workshops, college courses and advanced degrees to name a few. In-services may not be available to all teachers or may not provide enough hours to satisfy the requirements. College courses and advanced degrees are time consuming and expensive. Now, there is another way.

The Teacher's Academy is the logical answer for all professionals to satisfy some or all of your required professional development hours.

What we Offer...

For individuals, professional development online courses can be downloaded from the Internet and taken at your own pace 

Each online course was developed by certified school teachers who are considerate of the changing needs of our 21st century classrooms. We offer courses from Pre-K through 12th grade in all of the major subjects, as well as Special Populations, Technology and Health. Our goal is to help teachers stay current by offering relevant, interesting online courses at a fair price. 

We love to hear feedback from our teachers, especially ideas for new online courses!  Our growing company is always open to suggestions and involvement from our nation's finest teachers and administrators. If you have a suggestion for an online course or would like to get involved, please contact us. Thanks for visiting!

If you'd like more information, please use our contact us form.

For Our PA Teachers: Act 48 Academy

Act 48 Academy is the name given to the Pennsylvania chapter of The Teacher's Academy. The company was founded by a team of Pennsylvania school teachers who have extensive experience in adult education and curriculum development. In an attempt to fill a need for relevant, credible and affordable courses that satisfy the requirements of Act 48 of 1999, The Act 48 Academy was born! Every course in our catalog is approved for Act 48 hours. Click here to see us listed in the state directory of Approved Providers.