How Do I Check My Act 48 Credits?

 #1: How Do I Check My Act 48 Credits?

1. Go to the PA Department of Education website.

2. Type your Professional ID in the box and click GO. You will see Accumulated Credits and those that are Still Needed.

3. Click View CE Details to view the list of classes that you have taken.

#2: How do I get my PA Professional Personnel ID?

1. Go to the PA Department of Education website.
2. Click the Get your Professional Personnel ID.

3. Type your personal information in the spaces provided. Click Get Professional Personnel ID.

#3: How can I fulfill my Act 48 Requirements Quickly?

You must obtain 180 hours of professional development every 5 years. If your certificate is in danger of being inactive or you need to reactivate it for an upcoming job opportunity, your fastest option is online learning. The fastest way to obtain affordable Act 48 CEUs so that your certificate does not go inactive is The Teacher’s Academy. This new service for educators allows you to choose a course from a variety of growing topics and download the material to your computer instantly.

#4: What if I don’t satisfy my Act 48 Requirements?

If you don’t complete 180 hours of professional development in five (5) years, your certificate will be considered “inactive.” You will not be able to be hired or employed by any public or charter school in Pennsylvania. The certificate will remain inactive until you fulfill the 180 hour requirement.

#5: How can I update my contact information with the PA Department of Education?

Perhaps you recently moved or changed your name. It is important that the state has your most current information so that they can keep you informed of your certificate status and any other changes or news regarding your Pennsylvania teaching certificate. If you want to check that your information is current and that you are receiving any and all communication from the state, you can manage your contact information via the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS). NOTE: You must be a registered user of the PA Department of Education Website.

6. The Teacher’s Academy- The newest online provider of Act 48 credits recognized the problem that teachers need a source for managing and accumulating their Act 48 hours. This company was created by a group of teachers who have reached out to other teachers to write courses that have been approved by the state for Act 48 credits. As a result, you have a wide variety of affordable courses that you can download to your computer and complete at your convenience.

Use the chart for a visual comparison of these common vendors of Act 48 Hours.

The Teacher's Academy- Act 48 Credits

#7: Isn’t there a moratorium on obtaining Act 48 credits right now?

Yes…but that grace period expires at the end of June 2014. Check the status of your certificate online to see if you are in danger of becoming inactive. If you want more information on the moratorium, you can check out our last blog post.

Top 5 Things About Act 48 Moratorium


1. Why Was the Moratorium Instated?

In 2011, Pennsylvania Lawmakers passed Act 24 of 2011. Among other things, this law suspended the continuing professional education requirements of all certified PA educators until June 30, 2013. According to John Freund and Keely Espinar’s article,Making Sense of the Act 24 Hodgepodge, the moratorium was instated as a cost- savings strategy. Prior to Act 24 of 2011, school districts were responsible for paying for all continued education programs needed for their employed teachers to maintain their PA teaching certificate. The moratorium lifted this requirement so districts need not pay for continuing education programs…until June 30, 2013!

 2. Your Two-Year Grace Period is just about up!

If you’ve checked your certificate’s status at the PA Department of Education website lately, you may have noticed that two years have been added to your certificate’s end date. All Pennsylvania certified educators were given a two-year grace period for acquiring their 180 hours of required professional development. If your certificate was in danger of being “inactive” during the past two years, you have just a few months to reactivate it.

3. You can Reactivate an Inactive Certificate During the Moratorium

If your certificate is about to expire, you CAN take the necessary steps to reactivate your certificate during the moratorium grace period. An active certificate requires 180 hours of approved professional development or 6 college credits.

4. Act 48 Covered Certificates Issued during the Moratorium Expire on June 30, 2018

According to the PA Department of Education, if you received your first Act 48 certificate anytime during the moratorium, it will be set to end on June 30, 2018. This may seem far off from today, but it is important that you begin to take professional development courses and spread out the 180 hour requirement over the next 5 years.

5. Solutions for Obtaining Act 48 Credit Hours

Enroll in self-paced courses or college courses. Be aware that 1 collegiate credit is equal to 30 clock hours. Workshops and conferences that are approved by your school district can also apply towards your Act 48 professional development hours.