How Do I Incorporate Technology in the Classroom?

This is a question we get all the time. Technology changes so fast, no one can keep up! However, it is important to know the basic functions of a computer, software programs and more importantly, how to utilize technology to our advantage. After all, isn’t technology supposed to make things easier?

The Teacher’s Academy specifically develops technology courses for the purpose of them being used effectively in the classroom. You could spend hundreds of dollars taking a computer course at the local community college but chances are, they will not teach you how to mail merge parent letters or create a grade sheet using MS Excel; or how to design a test and create certificates for your students using MS Word. Our courses are created by teachers. Therefore, they understand how technology could be used effectively in the classroom without wasting time on functions you may never use again. In fact, maybe you will find more use in the variety of “techy” short cuts and basic software functions learned, so you can create your own customized teaching materials. The idea behind our technology courses is to arm our teachers with tools to make learning more efficient.

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