Life Skills in My Language Arts Class!?…How about them Apples?

Back to school in September means seeing your friends again, organizing your classroom and revamping the old curriculum for a fresh start.

The Teacher’s Academy would like to help teachers shake things up in their curriculum a bit this year. The financial aspects of our lives can be quite intimidating (or frankly, quite boring), which is why many people- teachers included- avoid the topic. Our course, “Integrating Financial and Future Planning was written by teachers for teachers to integrate finance and life skills concepts into any classroom and curriculum with ease.  The additional benefit of gaining financial knowledge for your own personal growth is priceless!

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What I did on My Summer Vacation

Summer Blog - Teachers AcademyA Story Blog, by Mrs. Woosnam

Avalon, NJ.  August 2014

My son signed up for a surf lesson and I’m standing on the beach watching him practice hopping on the board which is still lying in the sand.  I begin to eye up the surf, it is really rough today.  5-7 foot waves churning and crashing endlessly from the beach to a distant point on the horizon, I can’t really make out how far away it calms – or if it calms at all.   I start to get a little nervous as I watch him pick up the board and follow the teenage surfer dude into the churning cyclone of death.

Earlier that day, when he was asking for the surf lesson, I didn’t really feel like taking him.  Surfing is really hard (I tried it once when I was 12) and the lessons are expensive.  I also heard about a shark sighting off the coast of Massachusetts.  And isn’t this hurricane season? Neither one of my kids had done anything academic over the summer, at all.  The teacher in me wanted them to enjoy reading and doing fun math problems in the house, or maybe on the front porch where they can enjoy the salty sea air. So I began to explain all of these reasons to him and he just looked mystified.

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