May 2015 Teacher Feature: Dr. Mike Scott

Captain America

A male teacher’s classroom is not complete without a picture of some super hero.

8:45 am, 11th grade students shuffle into their Social Studies class and seem to be in a surprisingly good mood – for teenagers.  Dr. Scott exchanges a few good-humored jokes with his students, throwing his voice into comedic impressions, purposefully looking for laughs.  His students oblige and are comfortable enough to “jab” him back with a few of their own creative responses.

This is Dr. Scott’s first year as a Social Studies teacher, but 17th year teaching in Morrisville High.  Like many other districts across the country, budget cuts eliminated the incredible music and performance arts department that he worked very hard to establish for the students of Morrisville, PA.  Not too long ago, music from an award winning Jazz Band and Marching Band filled the halls of the schools and the streets of the city.   Dr. Scott wrote and directed several plays that brought enrichment to education and an appreciation for the arts throughout the district.  The parents and kids of this blue-collar town felt a strong sense of pride as they watched several of their own leave for college to pursue careers in music and the arts.  Today, the halls are a little quieter, but the dreams are still big and the enthusiasm for the arts is still quite prevalent in the teaching style of Dr. Scott.

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Cyber Bullying Facts and Prevention

Fact: Every 7 minutes, a child is bullied.

One of the strongest memories I have of elementary school is the one where I am lying down in the nurse’s office, again. It’s dark where I lay and although I am physically fine, I have knots in my stomach. The kind of knots that that come from believing that you have no friends, no one to play with and everyone hates you. And so every day, just before recess, I would fake a headache, stomach ache, tooth ache, or practically any ache to be sent to the nurse’s office and not outside on that playground where they told me they were waiting for me. On this particular day, I remember my teacher coming in to tell me that I was “crying wolf” and he’s aware that I’m not actually sick. In that moment, I was told that I can no longer visit the nurse’s office and I must go out to play. Well I sure went out, but I didn’t get to play that day.

Perhaps my teacher wasn’t aware of the warning signs of bullying. Perhaps he was never bullied. I doubt it. Statistics say that 80 percent of kids get bullied. Perhaps because of my experiences I am hyper aware. Today, I use my past to relate to my students and to do everything in my power to end bullying in schools. Unfortunately, with the advent of the Internet and mobile devices, things just got a little more complicated.

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