Gain Act 48 Hours with The Teacher’s Academy

If you’re a teacher in Pennsylvania, you’ve probably heard plenty about Act 48 hours. In order to continue teaching within the state, you need to complete a certain amount of hours of Act 48-approved courses. Every 5 years, you must complete a total of 180 hours of professional development.

If you don’t fulfill these requirements, your certificate will become inactive. This means that you will not be able to be employed by any public or charter school in Pennsylvania. Until you complete 180 hours, your certificate will remain inactive.

Professional development allows teachers throughout the state to learn more about their field of study, prepare useful lesson plans, and get relevant information about different subjects. While ongoing education is undoubtedly beneficial for educators, it can be difficult to complete 180 hours with a teacher’s busy schedule. Here are some steps you can take to successfully complete your professional development, whether you’re just starting or have already taken a few courses:

1. Check your Act 48 hours.

You might have taken in-person classes or courses online that gave you hours toward fulfilling your requirements. To keep track of how many hours you have completed, which classes you’ve taken, and how many more courses or hours you need, visit the PA Department of Education website.

2. Get a PA Professional Personnel ID.

If you don’t already have a PA Professional Personnel ID to access this information, you can do so by entering some personal information on the PA Department of Education website.

3. Find a place to quickly fulfill your hours.

If your certificate is in danger of becoming inactive or you need to renew it for a new job opportunity, you need a quick way to complete your hours. The fastest way to do this is by turning to online learning. Through online learning, you can complete courses on your own time.

4. Trust The Teacher’s Academy for reliable and relevant accreditation.

If you need a way to quickly obtain credits under Act 48 requirements, you can find relevant and affordable courses at The Teacher’s Academy. Our courses are Act 48-approved and can be completed at your own pace. You can choose between 3, 6, 15, and 18-hour courses.

Our courses were created by teachers, for teachers. They are available to all educators — even those who are currently substitute teaching. You can choose courses based on hours, subject, grade level, your interests, and more.

When you need to fulfill your Act 48 requirements, turn to The Teacher’s Academy for convenient online courses. Once you complete the course and submit the Participant Evaluation Survey, you’ll get confirmation within just 5-7 business days. Call today to learn more about The Teacher’s Academy: where teachers go to learn. 215-660-4926

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