Tips to Help You Turn Your Classroom into a Positive Learning Environment

If you’re anything like us, then as the school year steadily approaches, plans for your classroom are constantly popping in and out of your mind. What decorations will you use? How will you make the room into a space that feels safe for all of your students? How can you build your space to effectively inspire your students?

Creating a classroom with a positive environment that is built for children to learn is essential to helping your students grow. When students walk into a classroom that is comfortable, there is something that many people call, “the living room effect.” This effect is the feeling that students get when they enter a space in which they are more comfortable in, such as their living room at home. When your classroom is built with this effect in mind, students are at ease and more willing to engage with the activities and learning exercises that you plan for them.

As a companion to our professional development courses for teachers in Pittsburgh, The Teacher’s Academy has compiled a list of tips to help you with turning your classroom into a positive learning space for your students:

Keep it Clean

Keeping your classroom clean will maintain order and offer a sense of peace for many students. For a lot of people, working in a dirty or unorganized space is distracting and a cause of stress. If you keep your classroom in order for yourself, you’ll find yourself more prepared for the day and less flustered in the morning as you begin to sort out your lesson plans. This allows for more structure and direction for your students, as they won’t find themselves getting distracted while you get yourself organized.

Be Flexible and Stay Positive

Creating a classroom that positively encourages learning ultimately starts with you. Your students can feel when you’re stressed or not your usual self, so you need to do your best to create a sense of ease and enthusiasm. If you find yourself having a particularly stressful day, find a moment for yourself to take inventory and see what you could change to eliminate those negative feelings.

Positivity also means helping students feel better about the environment they are in. We offer a course on cyberbullying that enables you to understand how to prevent this from happening. We encourage teachers to take any number of our Act 48 approved courses for insight on the ever-changing educational environment.

Add Some Color

Many teachers like to have art on the walls that is a personal favorite or a compilation of the work of their students. Relevant artwork is a fun way to connect with students and offer something that is engaging, yet unfamiliar to them — this way, they are encouraged to ask questions and inspire their own ideas.

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