3 Essential Pieces of College Advice To Give High School Students

Getting a driver’s license, taking the SATs, heading to prom and (of course) graduation…with all that going on, high school juniors and seniors are surrounded by a ton of excitement. If you’re a high school teacher, you’ve probably already heard many of your students buzzing about which college they’ve chosen. A few students may have even come to you for advice before the summer arrives and they head off to school.

For a high schooler, the idea of moving away from home and going to school can be nerve-wracking. If you have a student who’s nervous about his or her college journey, offer these three essential pieces of advice.

  • Every other student is in the same boat. One of the scariest parts about going away to college is the idea of being in a new place with no familiar friends. Remind your student that once they’re at school, every other freshman is in the exact same boat—and many of them will be on the lookout for new friends, too.
  • Professors are there to help you. Movies and TV shows often depict college-level professors as cold and disinterested, failing students for missing a single lecture or turning in a paper 15 minutes past the deadline. As a teacher, you know that most professors aren’t scary at all—and many are excited to share their passions with new students and young minds. If you know a student who is feeling anxious over their course load, remind him or her that professors are there to help, not pass out automatic Fs. You can even suggest that the student draft an introductory letter to his or her teachers before summer ends, as a way of saying “hello” before the craziness of the year begins.
  • College can help you figure out who you are. Some students are worried that they’ve chosen the wrong major or aren’t yet positive on their career path. Remind your student that most college students will switch their majors or career paths — and that college is a time to explore passions and learn more about themselves.

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