What is Act 48? What Does It Mean For Teachers in PA?

As educators in Pennsylvania, you know that you need to complete a set amount of professional development credits to maintain your active status professional certification through the ubiquitous Act 48. Unfortunately, many public school teachers, even school administration employees, are unaware of what Act 48 is and how many Act 48 credits are necessary to keep their jobs.

Fortunately, we at The Teacher’s Academy (TTA) are committed to providing the materials and opportunities for educators to extend their professional development and appease the Act 48 requirements. In this article, we will give a basic overview of Act 48 requirements and provide some information on how TTA’s courses can make short work of this looming, obligatory directive by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) through online continuing education credits. Continue Reading What is Act 48? What Does It Mean For Teachers in PA?

3 Tips for Preventing Cheating on Tests

No teacher wants to believe that his or her students are cheating. Unfortunately, cheating may be more common than many educators want to believe. Now that the new school year has finally arrived, it’s the perfect time for teachers to take a stand against cheating in their classroom. Here are a few quick and easy tips you can use to reduce cheating this semester. Continue Reading 3 Tips for Preventing Cheating on Tests