3 Examples of Tech-Based Learning Teachers Can Employ

Technology and the internet have invaded every area of life and every profession on the planet. Helping students understand how to use technology and computers to their advantage can boost their education and help make learning more fun and exciting at every age. Some ways that teachers across the country are incorporating technology into their students’ learning include:

● Bibliography boot camps. Every source on the internet is not reliable. Unfortunately, many students have difficulty telling the difference between a reliable source and one that’s exaggerated, biased, or downright wrong. Many literature teachers are now holding “bibliography boot camps,” where they teach students how to search for reliable information and challenge them to find three interesting and fact-based articles.

● Educational video hunting. Every kid loves YouTube, but many are unaware that the platform can be used for more than just gaming channels and entertaining skits. Challenge your students to search for an interesting video on their favorite subject that’s entertaining yet also educational. Extra Credit and Crash Course are two middle school appropriate places to start!

● A crash course on the history of technology. Most students today are used to having a smartphone in their pocket at all times and multiple computers at home—but these modern conveniences surely haven’t been around forever. Some history teachers are devoting a day in their classroom to thinking about the “history of technology” and introducing their students to defunct pieces of technology that paved the way for today’s iPhones and tablets. From the first telephone to the “brick phones” of the ‘90s, there’s a lot to learn!

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