5 Interesting Courses From The Teacher’s Academy

Under Pennsylvania’s Act 48, teachers are required to complete at least 180 hours of approved continuing education courses every five years to maintain their teaching license. The Teacher’s Academy offers a massive catalog of educational and engaging Act 48 approved courses. Even better, each course can be completed from the comfort of your home or office.

If you haven’t yet completed your Act 48 hours, consider checking out one of these five interesting choices available from The Teacher’s Academy.

  • Google Slides for Educators. Have you ever wanted to learn how to create and use interactive presentations? This course shows you how to take full advantage of Google Slides, a free tool that allows you to make presentations and slideshow games.
  • Creating a School Garden. Get ready to get your hands dirty! Learn how to teach responsibility and connect gardens to your current curriculum with this course on creating a classroom garden.
  • STEAM in the Elementary School Classroom. Think that elementary school students can’t understand science, math, or technology? Think again! This course shows you how to introduce children to the principles of art, science, technology, mathematics, and engineering for a solid foundation.
  • Nutrition 101. Vitamins and minerals are key parts of any child’s diet. Unfortunately, children and even parents often don’t fully understand which foods are right for their bodies. This course teaches you the essentials of nutrition, keeping a food log, and maintaining a balanced diet.
  • Internet Research, Cyber Safety and Social Media. The internet is an amazing tool, giving us access to tons of information with a few clicks. Unfortunately, the internet can also be used for cyberbullying and spreading misinformation. This course shows you how to do effective internet research and empower students to use the internet in a healthy way.

Now that the summer season has officially arrived, now is the perfect time for teachers to complete their continuing education credits online with The Teacher’s Academy. To view a complete list of courses available from The Teacher’s Academy, pay us a visit online at https://www.theteachersacademy.com or give us a call at 215-660-4926.

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