Help Students Expand Their Imagination This Holiday Season by Encouraging Storymaking

As adults, we recall memories of storytime with our parents and teachers. From the lessons of nonfiction biographies to the power of creative, eye-widening fiction tales, we were intrigued. This holiday season, The Teacher’s Academy encourages teachers to use the Story Maker course to help students develop stories about their favorite upcoming holiday. Taking this course will help teachers implement strategies into the classroom to assist students to build reading comprehension and vocabulary through storytelling.

Benefits of Story Writing

Storytelling and writing opens a child’s mind to endless possibilities. When students write stories, they are encouraged to think outside the box and think freely. Here are additional reasons why story writing is essential:


Children sometimes have a difficult time expressing their thoughts and feelings. When they’re encouraged to write stories, they enter a safe space to voice their ideas


Writing allows students to explore their own opinions and develop their “voice.” By doing this, they become comfortable expressing their own thoughts, and, in turn, strengthening self-confidence.


When students write stories, they are encouraged to use a variety of words to get their point across. Reading stories regularly allows them to become comfortable with new vocabulary. By reading regularly, not only are they more likely to become lifelong readers, but they will also become more comfortable using new words in their own writing.


Not all students are inclined to participate in the classroom. Some students are shy, and others need a little extra motivation. Writing something they can personally relate to helps them to engage in classroom activities. Students are more likely to participate when they share their own work and are proud of it.

Incorporating the Story Maker strategies into the classroom will help teachers to enhance their students’ vocabularies while sparking their interest in literature. To learn more about storymaking and storytelling, take the Story Maker course offered by The Teacher’s Academy. If you are seeking online professional development for teachers in Montgomery County, The Teacher’s Academy is available for various courses in education. Transferring your online education to the classroom has never been easier and more effective. If you’re a teacher in Montgomery County looking to get professional development hours in on your own time, browse our online catalog.

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