New Website Question: The Teacher’s Academy is getting a new website! What will change?

Our new website will have an updated look and a personal dashboard for each of our teachers. Current teachers will be prompted to reset their password for security purposes.

If you have taken courses with us in the past, you will notice a slight change in the process of uploading completed coursework and how you will receive Certificates of Completion. A button on the dashboard will prompt teachers to upload completed projects with greater ease. Certificates of Completion will no longer be emailed out. Instead, teachers will be able to download their certificates as many times as needed, from their dashboards, after they complete the survey. Additional changes are listed below.

Teacher's will be able to:

  • Access purchased courses, billing information, certificates and feedback forms from a personal dashboard.
  • Upload completed projects to their dashboard with ease.
  • Remove projects they may have uploaded in error.
  • Download Certificates of Completion from their dashboard AFTER they have received a "passing" email notice from The Teacher's Academy and AFTER submitting the Online Participant Survey.
  • Communicate with TTA representatives through a direct messaging system.
  • Purchase one course at a time. This is a change for teachers who like to purchase multiple courses at once. No worries! Purchasing the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, course, etc., will be simplified to just a few clicks, after the initial purchase.
New Website Question: I am still working on a course. After the website has been updated, will I follow the new directions for uploading projects or do I follow the directions at the end of my course?

It's even easier to upload your projects in the new website! Head to your dashboard and select Upload Projects. Navigate to your saved projects and upload them. It's that simple!

New Website Question: After the website has been updated, will I need to change my password?

Yes! You will be prompted to change your password when you attempt to log into your account. If you have any trouble we are always here to help!

New Website Question: When will the new website launch?

We do not have an exact date just yet. Most likely, mid-November 2019. As soon as we do have an exact date, an email communication will be sent.

How do I sign up?

From the Home Page on www.theteachersacademy.com, click the My Account button or Click Log In to My Account in the upper right hand corner of the page. New Users will click Register and complete their profile page.

How do I get the course material?

Once you purchase a course, the course materials are automatically emailed to you. They will arrive in a zip file. Unzip the folder and save its contents to a folder on your computer's hard drive. As aways, a representative from The Teacher's Academy is avaiable for assistance, simply email techsupport@theteachersacademy.com.

How do I get graded?

The Teacher's Academy does not present "grades" in the traditional sense. Each course comes with a series of projects or assignments to be completed. The course was either completed or not. In the case of written assessments, the answers must be 80% accurate to be considered complete. If the course has not been satisfactorily completed, a representative from The Teacher's Academy will contact the client to discuss what is required before the credits/ hours/points are awarded. The client has 365 days from the purchase date to complete the course.

What is The Teacher's Academy Honor Code?

As teachers we know how important it is to set expectations of our students. Just as you wouldn't allow your students to plagiarize, copy peer work or misrepresent their work in any way, we ask the same of the adult learners at The Teacher's Academy.

The Honor Code simply implies that all participants will agree to submit their original work to The Teacher's Academy for professional development credit. The Teacher's Academy will not award hours for plagiarized or compromised work. If the plagiarism is detected after submittal and hours have been awarded, The Teacher's Academy reserves the right to retract awarded hours from all parties.

Do I need anything else besides a computer?

Some courses have recommended materials or required software. Read the summary pages of the course to determine if there is anything additional required for the course. All courses have an evaluation and a written assessment using a fillable PDF form. To complete these, it is recommended that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. You can download it for free here.

How long do I have to complete a course?

You have 365 days from the purchase date to complete the course. There is no minimum time to complete the course.

How do I know if I passed the course?

Each course has a series of "Projects" to be completed. The projects for each course are listed on the Summary page for every course on this website. You can view the project list to help you decide on a course. All of the projects contain clearly defined requirements for completion. You must complete the projects according to the project requirements put forth in the course directions. 

Most courses also contain assessments. You must score 80% or better on the assessments to consider that portion complete. 

In other words, you either did the work or you didn't! If there is a question regarding the completeness of the work, a Teacher's Academy representative will contact you.


How many courses do I need to take?

You can take as few as one or as many as you like to satisfy the professional development requirements posted by your state. To find out what your state requires for licensure renewal, you can visit the Find Your State page or search your state's Department of Education website.

Do I need to submit anything to the state as proof of completion?

Some states require proof of completion. Visit the Find Your State page to see what your state requires.

For your convenience, teachers will receive an email containing a certificate of completion and a feedback form that details the projects submitted and the professional development objectives met upon completing the course. You can print these PDF files and submit them to your administration, or keep them for your records. 

The Teacher's Academy will submit hours for all Pennsylvania teachers (under the approved provider, Act 48 Academy! Make sure you enter your PAID# in your account!)

Do I need to give my social security number?

No. At no point will you give The Teacher's Academy your social security number. Pennsylvania teachers will provide their Professional ID. If you do not know your PA professional ID, you will have to locate it from the PA DOE website. 

Do I need a PayPal Account?

You can enter your credit card for payment or use the secure PayPal option. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase courses.

How do I contact you if I’m having trouble?

Visit the Contact Us page and fill out the contact information. Be sure to choose Tech Support from the drop down menu. A Teacher's Academy Representative will contact you within 24 hours.

I am not currently working in the classroom. Can I take these courses?

Yes! The courses are designed to help you enhance your pedagogy. Many of our clients take these courses to help them reacquaint themselves with the most current and relevant teaching strategies out there today. We highly recommend these courses to teachers who are not currently working but preparing to get back into the field!

Can I do the small group, on-site option?

The on-site training option is for Pennsylvania teachers only. It is ideal for groups of 5 or more individuals that prefer one-on-one, personal and live instruction. Any school, entity or group of individuals can opt for the on-site option. Visit the On-Site Training Page to read about pricing and options. Then fill out the Contact Us form with the required information. A Teacher's Academy representative will contact you shortly.

What are the professional development requirements for renewing my teaching certificate in my state?

Each state sets a different standard for licensure renewal. Click the Find Your State page to read about the professional development requirements for your state.

What type of verification/ proof do I receive for completing a course?

Once the course has been completed and you have uploaded your projects, a review team (made up of teachers) will get to work to verify that you have completed all of the projects and met the objectives. Allow 5-7 business days for this review. You will receive an email from The Teacher's Academy with a PDF certificate and feedback form that you can print and submit to your administrator or keep for your records. It's that simple!

What can I expect once I order the course?

Just a few moments after you purchase a course, you will receive a Welcome Email from The Teacher's Academy. At the bottom of this email is a link to your course. You will download the course and extract or unzip the files from the folder. 

Each course folder has several files. They are numbered in the order they will be used throughout the course.

Start by opening the 01_Course file. This is the main course and will provide everything you need including informational text, directions, and guidance to help you complete the course. (We recommend that you print it out, but it's not necessary.) 

Some courses have short assessments. Others include projects such as lesson plans and short essays for you to complete. Some include both.

You do not have to be actively working in a classroom to complete these courses!

You can complete the course at your own pace. There is no minimum time to complete the course, but it must be completed within 365 days of the purchase date.

My state requires approval of professional development activities. Can I use these classes?

The Teacher's Academy has provided you with two convenient ways to request approval from your administrator.

  1. Visit the Summary Page and print it out. The Summary page on every course lists your learning objectives and Common Core standards met for improving student achievement. 
  2. Click the Find Your State tab to locate a Request for Approval Downloadable form. Print and fill out this form (using the information on the Course Summary Page and submit it to your administrator for approval.
Are these courses accredited by a university?

The courses in The Teacher's Academy course catalog are approved by several organizations, but they are not accredited by a university. This is what allows us to keep our costs down, skip the application process and fees and still offer great professional development.  

If you need accredited courses, we recommend the Social and Emotional Learning courses through The Innovative Learning Institute and Delaware Valley University. Their online program is cost effective and the process is similar to The Teacher's Academy. 

Do you have any partnerships or ties with other educational organizations?

The Teacher's Academy loves to align itself with progressive educational organizations that share our goals and vision. We do not, however, advocate our course devlopers and evaluators to profit from utilizing any particular third-party organization. You can read more about this concept in our Proprietary Interest Disclosure Policy. 

Does The Teacher's Academy have a Privacy Policy?

Any website that collects information from its users should have a privacy policy. The Teacher's Academy does not sell or use your personal information for anything other than the necessary communication between the teacher and The Teacher's Academy. To view The Teacher's Academy Privacy Policy in its entirety, click here. 

I need a copy of my certificate! I lost it!

That's no problem! The Teacher's Academy keeps your certificate on file for a minum of seven years. Simply complete a contact form to request the certificate. Be sure to include your name and the course certificate you are requesting. For more information on releasing your records, you can view our privacy policy here. 

Will the Certificate of Completion have my hours listed on it?

Yes! Our Certificates have the professional development hours or points earned, YOUR state information and the hours converted into IACET CEUs.

Note: Not all states need the IACET CEUs, but we put their logo on all of our certificates anyway.

You will also get a Feedback Form that lists the hours earned and skills mastered by taking the course.

You can see a sample of a Certificate of Completion and Feedback for under the About Us tab.