Mindfulness in Education (18 Hours)

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“I liked the lesson plan activity. In preparing for this activity, the guide listed websites to access for ideas of how to implement mindfulness in the classroom. I will definitely refer to this website to find activities to enrich my classroom.” – Dawn R.



Mindfulness is simple, but it’s not easy. This course explains mindfulness and how it can be used to help our children learn. Rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, mindfulness practices like meditation, contemplation, gratitude, yoga and reflection were used to develop greater self-awareness and compassion in communities. Within the past 30 years, breakthroughs in science have proven that these techniques can literally change the brain, alter emotional responses and enhance learning in individuals across various faiths and secular communities. As such, doctors, CEOs and now educators are taking a second look at the potential of mindfulness practices. In this course, you will embark on your own three-day mindfulness practice. You will have access to current research and resources to help you develop a mindful lesson plan. This course is dedicated to all teachers who would like to spend their professional development time mindfully. Enjoy!

Attention New York Teachers Only: This course is currently in the approval process for  NY CTLE hours. All other Teachers Academy courses ARE approved for NY CTLE hours. CTLE Aprroval #3400. We look forward to removing this notice soon!



1.     Mindfulness Journal

2.     What Teachers Should Know about the Brain

3.     Video Reaction: Rick Hanson, Hard wiring Happiness

4.     The Science of Mindfulness

5.     3 Days: Establish a Mindfulness Practice

6.     Mindfulness in Schools Research Findings

7.     The Mindful Lesson

8.     Online Participant Survey



Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders; Word Processing skills; Basic Internet keyword searching skills



·        Internet

·        Word processor

·        Adobe 10.0.1 or later to edit and save the pdf files



Teachers will…

·      Utilize course materials and current research to create custom journal entries that demonstrate knowledge of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation.

·      Utilize course materials including poetry and literature to justify mindful practices.

·      Read current research on brain functions in students and effective strategies that help students learn.

·      Watch videos of current scientists and experts on mindfulness to explain how the brain literally changes with this type of practice.

·      Utilize course text and current research to discover the research behind the science of mindfulness and use this information to justify mindful practices in school.

·      Share and reflect on establishing and executing a personal and customized three-day mindfulness practice.

·      Research current studies that demonstrate how mindfulness activities in schools improve student behavior.

·      Write a lesson plan that implements their findings of mindfulness research.  


·        CCSS: ELA- College and Career Readiness

·        CCSS: ELA- Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening