Integrating the Arts in the Classroom (18 Hours)

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“There is no depth to education without art.” – Amiri Baraka

This course is geared toward all teachers who are looking for fun new ways to spice up their lesson plans, engage different types of learners and find new joy in teaching through the arts. Teachers will practice thinking like an artist, experience an art-integrated activity and design their own custom lesson to use in class. Videos and resources on implementing an integrated program will be provided for teachers. The fun, integrated ideas in this course support Common Core Standards, 21st Century Skills and keep students engaged as they learn complex information.

Teachers, take in the broad coverage of this course and then glean what you’ve learned to turn your students into engaged, compassionate, critically thinking young artists!  Get ready to get messy!


1.    Defining the Arts- Interview and Personal Reflection

2.    Ken Robinson Video Reaction

3.    Find your Inner Artist

4.    Art Standards Scavenger Hunt

5.    Integrated Arts Lesson Experience: Comparing Artists

6.    Integrated Arts Lesson Plan and Reflection

7.    Online Participant Survey



Basic computer file management knowledge; e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders

Taking photos or scanning images and inserting them into a Word document.

Navigating basic functions of Microsoft® Word®; e.g. typing text, inserting images, formatting and aligning shapes



·    Word Processing Software (MS Word, Word for Apple, etc.)

·    Microsoft® PowerPoint®

·    Internet access

·    Camera (If choosing to upload digital pictures)

·    Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework (You can download this software for free at



·      Using course text and interviews with an artist and another student, learners will devise their own definition of art with evidence of personal experience and research.

·      Using the TedTalk Video from Ken Robinson, learners will complete the short answer assessment with 80% accuracy and 100% completion.

·      Using the course text and their own senses, learners will complete the five steps to finding their inner artist by completing the graphic organizer with 80% accuracy.

·      Using the course text and their own research, learners will complete an artistic interpretation of their research findings by completing 100% of the required elements.

·      Using the course text, provided video segments and guided research, learners will write a one paragraph essay citing evidence from at least three sources to answer the essential question: How will you advocate for an integrated arts program in your school?

·      Using the websites from the Art Standards, 21st Century Learning Standards and Common Core standards, learners will fill out the Scavenger Hunt graphic organizer with a 100% completion rate.

·      Using the provided lesson plan, presentation and accompanying worksheet, learners will complete an Art History lesson by submitting an essay that includes a thesis statement and 4 pieces of evidence demonstrating knowledgeable comparisons between two artists.

·      Using the resources and ideas provided in the course text, learners will design an art-integrated lesson with 100% completion.



Research to Build and Present Knowledge:



Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: