Rock History (15 Hours)

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"The Blues had a baby and they named it Rock and Roll." - Muddy Waters


You don’t have to be a musician to take this course.  All you need is a love of music and a streak of coolness.  (If you don’t have the coolness yet, you’ll have it by the time you finish!)  This course will take you to some pretty cool places where you can actually listen to pieces of music to fully connect with the artists. Yes teachers, Rock music is not only cool, but can also be a great way to connect with your students! You’ll learn about the origins of Rock n’ Roll from the 19th and 20th centuries to the cultural impacts that influenced the music and the lasting effects that rock has on our culture. You’ll get to analyze lyrics, draw inferences and explore ways rock can influence your teaching to improve student learning! Finally, we will end with the importance of 21st century rock music and how we can enlighten our students to the rich history that was the foundation for the current rock artists they love.  These 15 hours will go by so fast you’ll be begging for more!  Let’s shine those lighters and get ready for the coolest history lesson of your life!  Rock On, Teachers!  



1.     Rock Music Timeline

2.     Analyze Lyrics

3.     Mini Biography

4.     Rock n’ Roll Lesson Plan

Online Participant Survey - Required for Course Completion



Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders, basic word processing skills such as using tables, a hint of coolness



·        Internet Access

·        Computer

·        Speakers

·        Word Processing Software

·        Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework (You can download this software for free at


Note: This course is packed with “Sound Bites” of different musicians throughout the history of Rock. It is recommended that you read the course material from your computer so that you can easily click on the links and listen to the music.  

Disclaimer: Some videos and music clips in this course are provided by the free video/ audio viewers such as, and Some websites contain ads that The Teacher’s Academy does not sponsor or support. Skip Ads when applicable.



Teachers will…

·      Read and analyze research that discusses the evolution of the music genre, rock and roll.

·      Listen to music clips and interpret the origins, meanings and potential uses of music in the classroom.

·      Analyze lyrics to several rock songs that were considered “transformative” in their day and determine deeper meanings behind the music and how that could engage students in a deeper learning experience.

·      Recall rock history facts in a short answer assessment using current research and the course text.

·      Explore the many ways that integrating rock and roll into the classroom can improve student learning.





·        CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.6-8.4