Preference-Based Teaching Strategies for Special Needs Students (15 Hours)

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“Designing a Preference-Based Teaching Lesson was valuable to me because I was able to implement this lesson into my classroom. My student loved the lesson and was able to learn a lot from it.” -Kayla M.



This course is designed to help educators use the method of Preference Based Teaching for literacy activities with students who have special needs. By the completion of this course, you will have designed and constructed a motivating teaching tool to use in your classroom. You will learn how it can be used as a method of teaching and assessing a child with specific special needs in the subject areas of spelling, reading, and writing.



1.     Assessment Part 1

2.     Assessment Part 2

3.     Student Observations/ Anecdotal Record

4.     Web Research: 5 Preference based Teaching Strategies

5.     Write a Preference Based Teaching Lesson Plan and Assessment

6.     Online Participant Survey



Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files and creating folders, taking and uploading digital pictures (optional)



·        Internet Access

·        Word Processing Software: MS Word

·       Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework (You can download this software for free at

·        Digital Camera (optional)



Teachers will…

·        Research and analyze the concept of Preference-Based teaching (PBT) strategies.

·        Compare and contrast PBT strategies with other current strategies.

·        Observe and record student behavior before and after PBT strategies are initiated to determine how these strategies can improve student learning.

·        Use the Internet to research and collect five strategies that can be integrated to a PBT.

·        Integrate PBT strategies into effective lesson plans.



·        CCSS.ELA 1.1 Foundational Skills

·        CCSS.ELA 1.2 Reading Informational text

·        CCSS.ELA 1.3 Reading Literature

·        CCSS.ELA 1.4 Writing

·        CCSS.ELA 1.5 Speaking and Listening