Blended Learning (15 Hours)

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“The blended questions portion stood out to me because I really enjoyed watching and analyzing the videos where real schools and classrooms were using blended learning successfully. This would prove to be helpful for teachers when they decide to try to incorporate some blended learning models into their own classrooms.” – Callie S.



Imagine your quietly buzzing classroom filled with motivated students working at their own pace, developing higher-level thinking skills and solving real-world problems. Some are working together on social studies projects and some are working on math or language concepts. The assessment of their skills happens as they work through the problems, which allows you to tailor the type of guidance and support they will need to progress. This is not some classroom in the distant future, this is happening in many schools today. These schools are taking the initiative to effectively integrate technology and allow students to learn in their own individual way.  The results are truly amazing and not going unnoticed! 


Our Blended Learning course will introduce teachers to the innovators who put the idea into practice and the students who have benefited from the experience. Teachers will achieve a better understanding of how other schools are using the blended model to support the learning of all students, regardless of ability levels.  Finally, teachers will get a chance to analyze how a blended learning model might work in their own classroom.


If you are skeptical about a new teaching “fad”, this course is definitely for you!  If you have a few computers in your class but don’t really use them effectively, this course will help you!  If you have a fully blended learning model in place and you need professional development hours, sign up for this course, you will be inspired!



1.    Written Reaction to Ted Talks (1 Page)

2.    Blended Questions (45)

3.    Blended Model Comparison

4.    Blended Learning Resource Review

5.    Blended Learning Lesson Design

6.    Online Participant Survey



Basic computer file management knowledge (e.g. opening, saving and uploading files; creating folders; basic word processing skills such as using tables)



·      Computer

·      Word Processing Software (MS Word, Word for Apple, etc.)

·      Internet access

·     Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework (You can download this software for free at



Teachers will…

·      Listen to different viewpoints of how a blended learning environment can enhance learning and create a written reaction.

·      Listen to success stories of blended implementation in low performing schools and create a written reaction.

·      Learn key terms that are connected with blended learning (MOOCs, SAMR Model and Podcasts).

·      Learn how a blended environment can support the Common Core Standards.

·      Learn the 4 different models of blended learning along with the 4 sub models, according to The Clayton Christensen Institute.

·      Watch videos of a variety of schools that have successfully implemented a blended model and answer corresponding assessment questions.

·      Experience different online blended programs and provide a written analysis.

·      Create an activity using a blended program.



·      CCSS: ELA-Literacy- Writing K-12

·      CCSS: ELA-Literacy- Reading Informational Text K-12

·      CCSS: ELA- Literacy- Listening K-12