Cyber Bullying Facts and Prevention (15 Hours)

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“Absolutely awesome course. I have already used this in my substituting career. I have also given this information to some of the school districts that I work in.” Evalee R.



Bullying just got more sophisticated. Kids used to be able to escape bullies at the end of the day by getting through the front door of their house. With advances in communication technology, bullying now follows them inside the home. Any form of harassment using electronics such as cell phones, chat rooms, email, Facebook, Twitter, other social media outlets, etc. is considered a new form of bullying: Cyber Bullying. The most disturbing fact about cyber bullying is that there is no escape. Learn about the facts, warning signs, real-life cyber-bullying experiences, best resources for educators and prevention strategies for cyber bullying.



1.     Real-Life Summaries and Reflections (2)

2.     Research Center Report (Web Site Review)

3.     State Law Research

4.     Scenarios

5.     Assessment

6.     Online Participant Survey 



Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders

Basic word processing skills: Opening, typing and formatting text, saving files



·        Internet

·        Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework

·        (You can download this software for free at



Teachers will…

·        Read and analyze research articles and real-life accounts of victims of cyber bullying.

·        Summarize and connect with two (2) of the 4 articles presented in the course text regarding the victims of cyber bullying.

·        Use the Cyber-Bullying Research Center to locate materials and resources that discuss, prevent or help manage cyber bullying for students, parents and educators.

·        Identify three (3) ways to utilize Cyber Bullying resources to help students and families prevent or deal with cyber bullying.

·        Apply found resources from the Cyber Bullying Research Center to positively enhance the teaching and learning environment.

·        Use the course text and website, to read legislation that pertains to their state regarding cyber bullying.

·        Use the course text and website, to complete the Cyber Bullying State Law Research Report with 80% accuracy.

·        Use the law resources at to compare and contrast cyber bullying laws of two (2) states.

·        Identify how legislation from their state affects how you deal with cyber-bullying cases in your school.

·        Using course text and provided resources, self-audit your own knowledge of cyber bullying causes, effects, and prevention by completing three (3) cyber bullying scenarios.

·        Assess knowledge of cyberbullying facts and prevention tactics by completing the Cyber Bullying assessment with an 80% accuracy rate.



·        CCSS.ELA- Science and Technical Subjects