Game-Based Learning (18 Hours)

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“Do you want to play a game?” -War Games, 1983


Are you ready for a mere summary to be your personal fortune teller? Here’s how this will work: You choose a number and I will predict your future. Are you ready? Let’s play.


Choose a number 1, 2, or 3…. Scroll down.




Got the number? (Keep scrolling)





Say it out loud. Good. Don’t change it. (Keep scrolling) 




Ok. What is your number?


Based on your number choice, I will give you a prediction. Get ready to be amazed… (Keep scrolling.)


If you picked #1: You are a real go-getter. You like to have things completed on time or early. You are considering this course because you want to excel at your teaching craft and integrating gaming strategies is a foreign, yet intriguing concept for you.


If you picked #2: You are a middle-of-the road kind of guy/gal. You like balance in your life and although you like to incorporate games into the class occasionally, you want to learn how to do it and still meet curriculum standards and make the experience an equal balance between learning and fun.


If you picked #3: You are and always have been a kid at heart. As an adult you’ve grown into a renegade risk taker both in and out of your classroom. You already “game up” the classroom, the system and your life! Finally, a course written just for you- in fact, you probably could have written this course yourself! You need 18 hours of professional development and so you will choose the one that’s closest to your heart, and maybe pick up a few new tricks on the way.

Well? How did I do? Was I spot on? Thought so. If not, doesn’t matter. At the very least this was an unconventional summary, I peeked your interest and made you curious. That’s all I really wanted to do anyway. This is game-based learning. 

Learn how to incorporate games to deliver content, check for understanding and even assess progress. It's time to play!


  1. The Power of Game-Based Learning Video Analysis
  2. Digital GBL Analysis
  3. Non-Digital GBL Analysis
  4. Game Based Learning Activity
  5. Online Formative GBL: Kahoot, Quizziz, FlipQuiz
  6. GBL for the WHOLE Classroom
  7. Game-Based Learning Table of Resources
  8. Online Participation Survey


  • Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders
  • Basic computing skills: Take a screen shot, crop images, use tables and shapes to create worksheets or other materials. Basic word processing skills: Opening, typing and formatting text, saving files
  • Basic Internet skills


  • Internet Access
  • Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework. You can download this software for free at
  • Microsoft Word 2007 or later
  • PowerPoint (Optional)


Teachers will…

  • Understand the components to effective game-based learning and how gaming can be used as an educational tool in the classroom.
  • Understand how games are used to increase student achievement levels, (memory, comprehension, skills) through motivation, challenge, competition and rewards.
  • Understand how games are aligned with 21st Century Skills.
  • Create games to use in the classroom to increase academic achievement and decrease behavior issues.
  • View games being used successfully in other classrooms and schools.
  • Research different free online tools available to incorporate games into the classroom.
  • Create games and activities that can be used in their own classroom.


  • CCSS: ELA –Literacy- RST Science and Technical Standards 6-8.9
  • CCSS: ELA - Literacy- Reading Informational Text K-12