Graphic Organizers for Educators (18 Hours)

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“Creativity is putting your imagination to work,
and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”
Ken Robinson


Graphic organizers are useful educational tools that can be expensive to buy and confusing to create on your own. Teachers who complete this course will walk away with the skills to create a variety of graphic organizers and the knowledge to use them effectively in class. Teachers will also have new resources for exploring information on using graphic organizers in the classroom, and customized organizers for use with their own students. We believe all teachers: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Elementary, Middle, High School, Arts, Health, will have fun designing useful organizers while they earn 18 hours of professional development.



  1. Create 2 Graphic Organizers: Brainstorm and a Fact-storm Organizer
  2. Create 1 Graphic Organizer: Using Color in Graphic Organizers
  3. Create 2 Graphic Organizers: Connection, Association or Intelligence Organizer
  4. Create 1 Graphic Organizer: Assessment Organizers Choice
  5. Create 2 Graphic Organizers: Custom Graphic Organizers
  6. Online Participant Survey



  • Basic computer file management knowledge: Opening, saving and uploading files; creating folders, etc.
  • Knowledge of copying and pasting pictures from the Internet
  • Word processing or skills including the use of SmartArt and/ or graphics recommended
  • Note: This course will not provide step-by-step instructions on using SmartArt or tables. Ideas for graphic organizers will be provided and then teachers are expected to use the time to create their own custom designs using the technology of their choice.



  • Word Processing Software
  • Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later
  • You can download this application for free at



Teachers will...

  • Research and analyze effective brainstorming and fact-storming graphic organizers to help students organize ideas as a pre-writing exercise.
  • Create and compare organizational tools such as the Vocabulary Notebook and Word Chart to see which tool is more effective and how to integrate it to enhance student reading comprehension.
  • Develop an assessment graphic organizer to objectively assess student work.
  • Utilize all skills in creating 2 custom graphic organizers to implement with their students in class. Teachers will integrate a subject matter of their choice and integrate a combination of the most effective organizers that will work for their students.
  • Explain how the custom graphic organizers will support their students’ learning goals.



  • CCSS.ELA 1.1 Foundational Skills (PreK-5)
  • CCSS.ELA 1-8.2 Reading Informational Text
  • CCSS.ELA 1-8.3 Reading Literature
  • CCSS.ELA 1-8.4 Writing