Inspiring Ideas for the 21st Century Classroom (18 Hours)

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"I must say that this has overall been my favorite class. I have taken so many valuable lessons and have truly expanded my thought process. Some changes I will be making in my own classroom, is encouraging my students to explore, brainstorm, and have true conversations." -Suzanne S.



Is it ok to be completely uninspired by your job? It happens…even, or should I say, especially, with teaching. As teachers, we must continuously search for new ideas, inspiring stories and out-of-the-box methods that just might make the difference in our students. Stagnation in content and delivery is not an option.  Education is changing so dramatically that discovering the latest and greatest concepts can be a bit overwhelming.  The technology revolution and the ever-evolving landscape of our curriculum and standards is enough to cause some of the greatest teachers in the profession to throw up their hands and walk away.  It is difficult to be a great teacher and it is not always rewarding.  The purpose of this course is to take 18 hours of time (that you really don’t have) to recharge your batteries.  Discover the radically different teaching methods used to inspire students all over the world. Check out how teachers across our own country are throwing out conventional methods to foster curiosity. View the architecture of educational buildings of the future and imagine the small changes you will be inspired to make in your own classroom.  Let us help you calm the pace of the job, expand your view of teaching, reflect on your own practices and earn 18 hours of professional development.  Relax and enjoy the ride!



1.     Interview Question

2.     Happiness Activity

3.     Ted Talk Mitra Analysis

4.     Video Assessment

5.     Curious Activities

6.     Tezuka Analysis

7.     Dream Big Building Design

8.     Personal Reflection

9.     Online Participant Survey



Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders; Using Tables and Word Processing Skills


·        Word Processing Software

·        Internet access

·        Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later (You can download this application for free at www.



Teachers will…

·        Analyze unconventional teaching methods.

·        Answer questions regarding the effectiveness of certain teaching methods and how the methods would apply in their own classroom.

·        Explore teaching strategies that are designed to spark curiosity in students as well as deepen and extend learning.

·        Design custom activities to be used in their classroom that reflect the information learned in the course.

·        View different educational structures and analyze how the structure helps to foster learning and social skills in students.

·        Design a classroom that would foster learning and social skills in their own classroom.

·        Analyze and reflect personal teaching practices.



·        CC.SS.ELA 1.2.3,4,5.6-12A

·        CC.SS.ELA 1.4.3,4,5,6-12A

·        CC.SS.ELA 1.4.3,4,5,6-12W