Google Sheets for Educators (15 Hours)

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“I really needed to know how to make all the columns move, etc., change the colors, and borders... and I've never really known the right way to make spreadsheets work, so that's why I took the class. I also liked the nifty way you could turn your data into a pie chart or line graph!” -Sandra S.



Google Drive is a web based storage program that allows users to create, edit and share files from any computer, and it’s free! You can create Documents (like in Word®), Sheets (like in Excel®), Slides (like in PowerPoint®), and even Drawings and Surveys. The main difference between Google Drive and your own computer drive is that all of the files that you create on Google Drive are created and stored online! And did I mention this software is free? It’s completely free. All you need is a Gmail account, which is also free.


Teachers, is your school is tired of the software update rat race? Are your students constantly losing their flash drives? Is storage an issue? This may be the solution you’ve been searching for! In this course, you will learn how to use Google’s online spreadsheet software, Sheets.  You will use Sheets to create a personal budget and a grade sheet. You will also learn to mail merge address labels and share files! Do you want Google Drive and all its applications for your students? You’ll explore the Google Apps for Education program and how/if it is applicable to your school setting. This is an introductory course using primarily Google Sheets, but it also includes some other apps in Google such as Forms, Docs and Drawing. It’s a free web based software tool that every teacher should know and use. You may as well explore the program while earning some professional development hours for your time. Enjoy, teachers!



1.     Personal Budget

2.     Grade Sheet

3.     Address

4.     Labels (Mail Merge)

5.     Assessment

6.     Participant Survey (Evaluation)



Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders; Able to create or access a Gmail account and download Google Drive



·        Gmail Account (Free)

·        Google Drive (Free part of the Gmail account)

·        Any updated Internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE. Safari will not support the add-ons in Google Drive needed to complete this course.

·        Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework (You can download this software for free at



Teachers will…

·        Increase fluency of the following technical skills: Insert, edit and format cells; write formulas, format; sort and filter data and other core features of Google Sheets.

·        Implement learned technical skills to create a finance budget and grade sheet.

·        Download an Add-On to mail merge spreadsheet data and create labels for easy mailing to parents. Explore possibilities integrating the software in both personal and professional realms.

·        Apply the learned skills in an assessment.

·        Analyze the benefits of utilizing Google Apps for Education.



·        CCSS Math Practice

·        CCSS Math 2.4

·        CCSS LA- Writing 1.4