Google Slides for Educators (15 Hours)

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“My favorite project was the interactive presentation. Students love anything on the computer and now I know how to customize it to their needs! Though it takes time to be thoroughly when creating these projects I was very thankful for the "short cuts" detailed in the course. Especially helpful was the one on how to replace the image behind the grid without having to recreate everything from scratch for the Who Is It game.” – Susan M.



As schools move towards cloud based software, teachers are required to stay ahead of the technology changes. The Teacher’s Academy is proud to answer the requests of teachers to create a professional development course on Google Slides. In this course, you will research the value and pitfalls of using multi-media in the classroom. You will compare Google’s lean cloud-based technology with Microsoft’s ubiquitous PowerPoint software. Projects for this course include creating three presentations: (1) A Linear Presentation that progresses from one slide to the next in order, (2) A Menu Driven Presentation that allows the user to choose which slide to visit first, and (3) An Interactive Presentation that allows the user to interact with the software randomly. Spend about 15 hours of professional development building presentations that you can use for your classroom immediately and skills you can use for a lifetime (or until a new presentation software emerges, in which case, we will provide a course for that too!).



1.     Research Using Multi-media in the Classroom/ Google Slides Assessment (1A – D)

2.     Linear Presentation (Lecture Notes)

3.     Menu Driven Presentation (Book Report)

4.     Interactive Presentation (Review Game)

5.     Online Participant Survey



Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders; Basic Internet Research; Bookmarking Web sites



·        Gmail account (free)

·        Chrome browser (free)

·        Latest version of Adobe Reader (10.01.11 or later, free at



Teachers will…

·        Evaluate the pros and cons of Google Slides using the research and web resources provided to determine the best use of the software.

·        Determine the aspects of effective presentations and integrate those traits into their own projects.

·        Outline a lecture topic using Google Slides to learn how to expedite the creation process.

·        Integrate relevant subject matter consisting of main ideas and supporting details to create a menu-driven presentation to be used in class as an interactive teaching tool.

·        Create a student-led interactive presentation using hyperlinks to customize and personalize presentations that engage student interest and improve their study habits.



·        CCSS ELA 1.2.C 6-8- Key Ideas and Detail Analysis

·        CCSS ELA 1.2.D 6-8- Point of View

·        CCSS ELA1.3.A 6-8- Theme

·        CCSS ELA 1.4.6- Writing for different audiences

·        CCSS RST- Integration of Knowledge and Ideas