Internet Research, Cyber Safety and Social Media (15 Hours)

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“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

-Louisa May Alcott



The Internet is a large vast digital ocean of useful and useless information. Trying to navigate such a space can be overwhelming without the right tools. In this course, teachers will learn how to explore the Internet efficiently, recognize the difference between credible and inaccurate information and create materials for future Internet research activities. They will learn the dangers of cyber bullying and solutions that work in the classroom. Teachers will use Edublogs to create blogs in the classroom to design their own safe, social media platform for their students. Dive into the dangers as well as the promises the Internet presents, and turn tech savvy students into responsible, knowledgeable, digital citizens.


  1. Internet Research and Cyber Safety Assessment
  2. Develop an Acceptable Use Policy
  3. Create a Web search
  4. Mini Lesson Plan- Plagiarism
  5. Website Reviews and Citations
  6. Create an EduBlog for the classroom
  7. Internet Research, Cyber Safety and Social Media Choice Project
  8. Online Participant Survey


Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files; creating folders; utilizing a word processor


  • Internet
  • Any word processing program
  • Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework

You can download this software for free at


Teachers will...

  1. Read and decipher text to determine the greatest purpose and threats the Internet poses for students.
  2. Evaluate the methods that the Internet offers to enhance student achievement.
  3. Integrate the learned dangers of plagiarism into a mini lesson plan.
  4. Explore Cyberbullying facts and prevention methods.
  5. Develop a blog for the classroom to enhance student and parent communication.
  6. Review and analyze three social media resources and determine which can be used to enhance student performance.
  7. Create a project of choice to show skills learned by taking the course.


  • CC 1.1- Foundational Skills
  • CC 1.2- Reading Informational Text
  • CC 1.4- Writing for Audiences