Microsoft PowerPoint for Educators MAC v. 2011 (15 Hours)

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“The stand-out skill was developing effective PowerPoints for use in the classroom. I especially enjoyed the menu driven presentation because it helped me develop new skills, while not being so tedious and time consuming. I would be able to use this method for preparing materials for my students.” – Ginger G.



Not so fast, Prezi! PowerPoint still has a few tricks up its sleeve! It remains one of the most ubiquitous tech tools found in classrooms today. Teachers love the versatility and professionalism of the presentations, while students love how they can easily personalize and animate their ideas for all to see. There is a lot to enjoy in this simple software package, but for some, the idea of building a presentation is too daunting. Or perhaps, you are an avid PowerPoint user and want to dig deeper into the program to find some new ways to use the familiar software. In either case, this course is ideal for the professional educator who uses (or has wanted to use) PowerPoint® in their classroom, staff meetings, library, or home. You might as well earn 15 hours towards your professional development requirements while creating useful presentations for your staff, students and/or self!



1.     Assessment (Part A-D)

2.     Linear Presentation (Lecture Notes)

3.     Menu Driven Presentation (Book Report)

4.     Interactive Presentation using triggers (Review Game)

5.     Online Participant Survey



Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders; Basic Internet Research; Bookmarking Web sites


·    Internet Access

·    Microsoft® PowerPoint® Mac v. 2011

·    Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework (You can download this software for free at


Teachers will…

·        Evaluate the pros and cons of PowerPoint using the research and web resources provided to determine the best use of the software.

·        Determine the aspects of effective presentations and integrate those traits into their own projects.

·        Outline a lecture topic using PowerPoint Outline view to learn how to expedite the creation process.

·        Integrate relevant subject matter consisting of main ideas and supporting details to create a menu-driven presentation to be used in class as an interactive teaching tool.

·        Create a student-led interactive presentation using advanced PowerPoint skills to engage student interest and improve their study habits.



·        CCSS ELA 1.2.C 6-8- Key Ideas and Detail Analysis

·        CCSS ELA 1.2.D 6-8- Point of View

·        CCSS ELA 1.3.A 6-8- Theme

·        CCSS ELA 1.4.6- Writing for different audiences

·        CCSS RST- Integration of Knowledge and Ideas