Video Production with Windows Movie Maker v. 2.1- 6.0 and v. 2012 (15 Hours)

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“I believe I learned the most from the persuasive message. I created a Power Point presentation and transformed that on Movie Maker. I find this most valuable since I teach my class how to research and present using Power Point. It will be a effective to teach them how to further develop their projects on Movie Maker. I would like to add their finished projects to my classroom website” -Amy E..



Through the use of mobile devices, easier Web uploading and user-friendly software, making movies in your classroom is not only a manageable task for you the teacher, but a motivating learning tool for your students as well.  After completing this course, you will have all the tools necessary to spice up your classroom Web page with videos, impress parents with clips or their children hard at work and empower students to create dynamic video productions of their own. This introductory course into video production will utilize Windows Movie Maker software v. 2.1-6.0 and v. 2012. Windows Movie Maker is a free download as part of your Microsoft Office suite.



1.     Assessment: Camera Basics

2.     Video 1: News Report

3.     Video 2: Persuasive Message

4.     Video 3: Animation

5.     Online Participant Survey



In this course you will learn how to edit videos.  There are so many options for taking video footage (computers, mobile devices, cameras, etc.). While this course covers some basic skills on taking video footage, it does not cover camera operation. A prerequisite for this course is to simply know how to operate a camera to get video footage.

Basic PowerPoint skills will also be used.



·        Video camera of any kind

·        Digital Camera for still photos

·        Internet

·        Microsoft PowerPoint

·        OS: Windows XP and Windows Movie Maker 2.1- 6.0 (or similar version)

·        OR OS: Windows Vista/ 7 (or later) and Movie Maker 2012 (Windows 7)

·        Drop Box or Google Drive account to share video files. Directions for setting up a drop box account are included in the course (So easy!)

·        Adobe Reader 11.0.01 or later


Note: Windows Movie Maker is a free download. Simply go to the Microsoft Windows home page: and type Movie Maker in the search window to find the free-download for your version of Windows. The instructions for this course are written using Movie Maker v. 2.1- 6.0 and the v. 2012. Many other Movie Maker versions are quite similar in their screen setup and tools. Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet and downloadable software programs, the Movie Maker program may differ slightly than the directions described in this course. If you have not yet downloaded Movie Maker and are undecided on the version, download the latest version if your Operating System (Windows 7/8) can handle it. (I think it’s easier and more intuitive!)



·        English Language Arts: 1.5 A, B, C and D: Speaking and Listening